Vol. 2 No. 8 (2023): International Journal of Social Health

Published: 2023-08-28

Corporate Governance, Quality of Financial Statements, Firm Size, and Financial Stability on Fraudulent Financial Reporting on Listed Indonesia Stock Exchange Banking Institutions

View: 87 555-561

Strengthening Empowerment, Self-Efficacy, and Motivation in Efforts to Increase Teacher Creativity

View: 154 468-482

Analysis of Brain Tumor Meningioma Detection System Development Using Convolutional Neural Network Method Mobilenet Architecture

View: 171 483-494

How do We Assess Enterprise Risk Management Disclosure?

View: 131 495-504

The Effectiveness of Music Therapy in Patients with Stress-Related Anxiety, Surgical Procedures and Other Related Diseases

View: 255 505-510

Strategy Change Cycle as Organizational Strategic Planning to Implement Gender Mainstreaming in Women in Tourism Indonesian

View: 78 511-524

The Influence of Government Internal Control System, Financial Report Presentation, and Accessibility on Financial Management Accountability

View: 103 525-533

The Influence of Financing Risk, Efficiency, and Profitability on The Market Share of Islamic Banks in Indonesia

View: 72 534-538

Congenital Disorders and Polyhydramnios with Suspected Edwards Syndrome

View: 163 539-543

Factors Affecting Respiratory Complaints in Paraquat Spraying Workers in Kalimantan Oil Palm Plantations in 2022

View: 93 544-554