The Relationship between Smartphone Use and Sleep Quality of Universitas Prima Indonesia Students

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Raynal Putra Pratama Wau
Universitas Prima Indonesia
Wienaldi Wienaldi
Universitas Prima Indonesia
Surya Dharma
Universitas Prima Indonesia

Smartphones, in the current era of digital globalization, have become a sophisticated communication tool. Missing the use of smartphones will affect personal sleep qualities, such as making sleep disorders worse and inefficient. Several cases of the negative impact of this gadget often affect children and adults. Starting from internet addiction, games, and content containing pornography, it is possible that it can also affect sleep patterns in children and adults. The aim of that research is to determine the relationships between smartphone use and the sleep quality of Universitas Prima Indonesia students. The typed research is quantitive within the cross-sectional approach. This population used was 200 semester 5 and 7 medical students at Prima Indonesia University. The samples technique at the studies used a total sample and the samples on 200 samples. Data analytics used univariate with bivariate analytics using Spearman rank statistics. The results of the research show that smartphone use among Universitas Prima Indonesia students is in the abnormal or high category, namely 97.5%. The sleep quality of the majority of Universitas Prima Indonesia students is in the quite poor category, with a percentage of 74.5%. This conclusion on that research is relationships between handphone use with the slep qualities Universitas Prima Indonesia students, p-value <0.05.

Keywords: handphone used, sleep qualities, student